• Stock Photographs of People and Models

It is essential to understand that on behalf of our certificate limitations we cannot include any photographs of people or models in our digital products. No matter if it’s free or premium they can’t be part of the final purchase. Unless stated otherwise in the description of the download

We do in some cases offer links in documentation.txt as a possibility to get your own duplicate of the provided images. Please note that the photographs of people or models are used for merely examples only so you can visualize our product as a whole when we use these images.

Because of this, our products are very easy to edit. With just a click you can grasp, copy and paste your own material in order to give it that personal look that you are striving for by using our templates.

  • Fonts

All fonts used in our products are 100% free. For more details, we had provided a complete inventory of the required fonts for each of our digital products on the file details or on the download page.

  • Adobe Programs

Please note that all of our free and premium digital products demand Adobe Programs like for example: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or others.

For quality purposes only, the GraphicDiamond Staff highly suggests that you use Adobe Programs CS6. If you don’t have this program please note that our products can work with with CS2 versions and above.

Below we provided a link for Adobe Programs from the Adobe Product Catalog in case you need a to update your program or download it. Download Adobe Programs →