Pray For Paris FREE Flyer Template

Pray For Paris

in Freebies on November 14, 2015

Pray For Paris FREE Flyer

Due to the unfortunate situation that was orchestrated yesterday in Paris, the team of GraphicDiamond came up with a flyer to create awareness and also support our french brothers and sisters that are going through a very difficult time.

In GraphicDiamonds we have identified with the terrible situation that are fellow Parisians are dealing with. On behalf of this difficult time we have created in the form of flyer Design a piece that can be used to intervene and promote a message of peace throughout the world with the Pray For Paris FREE Flyer template.

We believe that during these tumultuous times we as people must unite and promote love every where we go. Many lives had been taken away in a unjustified and unfair way but we can’t stand and preserve our position without intervening and delivering the right message to those who are suffering and are involved in these grotesque matters. Paris we are with you and we pray for your beautiful nation to emerge and fly high!

Pray For Paris FREE Flyer Template

Once you obtain this beautiful design that editable in Photoshop; you can print, send or share digitally RBG which, has included a version of this flyer.

Paris an attack is an attack against the world, so we must all unite in will and strength and support and pray for our brother country. This design is for you so download it and share it as many times you can.

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